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Advantages of Bankruptcy

Is Filing Bankruptcy Bad or Good?

Lewisville Bankruptcy Attorneys Explain the Effects and Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy

Lewisville bankruptcy attorneys on advantages of filing bankruptcy in TexasBankruptcy has negative associations in most people’s minds, almost as if it were a crime to fall into financial difficulties. Texas bankruptcy laws exist specifically to help people who are drowning in debt. Our government recognizes that people’s financial stability sometimes collapses through no fault of their own. Sometimes, a consumer needs to be bailed out just like a business does.

Even if you do not intend to file bankruptcy today or this month, call Shuster Law  PLLC for a free face-to-face consultation to discover bankruptcy’s advantages. Call (972) 315-6222 or click here to contact our law firm.

Our Lewisville bankruptcy lawyers find that negative associations of bankruptcy are far outweighed by the relief a bankruptcy case will provide. We can help achieve a discharge of your debt to help you move forward.

Bankruptcy law is predictable. After meeting with you and getting all your financial information, Lewisville bankruptcy attorney David Shuster can assure you of the likelihood of discharging your debt. Debt discharge means that a federal court order is sent to all your creditors, preventing them from ever contacting you or attempting to collect the debt. Our law firm has helped many clients in and around Lewisville, including Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Arlington, Denton, and Dallas residents get the fresh financial starts they deserve through a successful bankruptcy.

Filing Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishment, Judgments, and Creditor Harassment

As soon as you file bankruptcy, you receive the protection of the “automatic stay.” The automatic stay prevents creditors from contacting you in any form until the bankruptcy court enters your final discharge order. Read more about how to stop creditor harassment.

Get a Federal Court Order to Control Creditors and Settle Debt

If you are struggling with financial worries, you probably feel like your creditors control you rather than the other way around. When you file bankruptcy, a federal judge notifies your creditors of the monthly debt payment amounts they must accept prior to getting the rest discharged (Chapter 13 bankruptcy) or that you have been legally excused from paying your debts by way of a federal discharge (Chapter 7 bankruptcy). Filing bankruptcy with attorney David Shuster gives you back control over your finances.

You Do Not Pay Taxes on Debt Discharged in Bankruptcy

Why should you file bankruptcy instead of working out deals with your creditors? Did you know that if your creditor waives any debt you owe, you may have to pay taxes on that amount because the IRS treats discharged debt as income?

For example, if your credit card company agrees to accept $30,000 as full payment on a $50,000 credit card debt, the company may send you a 1099 form at the end of the year for $20,000, and you may have to pay income tax on that amount Filing Bankruptcy.

There is no income tax on debts discharged in bankruptcy, unlike other debt settlement options.

Can Bankruptcy Help with Credit Repair?

A major misconception is that you will not have access to credit after bankruptcy. This is far from the truth. Your life after bankruptcy will likely be better than it is now. You will likely receive offers from some companies like car dealerships and credit card companies to extend your credit even before you complete the bankruptcy process. You will find that credit becomes available much sooner after bankruptcy than you anticipate. Our Lewisville bankruptcy attorney, David Shuster, will advise you about the best way to begin using this credit to rebuild your life.

Learn More from a Focused Lewisville Bankruptcy Lawyer Near You

Our local Lewisville bankruptcy lawyer focuses his law practice almost exclusively on bankruptcy law and consumer credit cases across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. During a free consultation, you will receive up-to-date information about the bankruptcy process, what to expect and what the outcome is likely to be Filing Bankruptcy.

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