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After Bankruptcy

What is Life Like After Filing a Bankruptcy in Texas?

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Lewisville bankruptcy lawyer explains credit repair and life after filing bankruptcy in Texas

As they ponder the question of bankruptcy, one common concern of our clients is their fear of a damaged credit score. In our years as credit repair attorneys, we have observed that the average person’s credit report, if it is in bad shape before filing bankruptcy, actually improves after bankruptcy.

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Credit Restoration After Bankruptcy: Success Stories

Discuss your concerns and questions with a local Lewisville lawyer who can speak to your particular circumstances. Learn about success stories that we have a part of, such as the client whose credit score improved from 499 to 650 within 6 months after he filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Rather than being ignored by lenders because you have filed for bankruptcy, you may find yourself in demand as a potential creditor after you have rehabilitated your financial picture. Creditors know that you will not be able to file bankruptcy again for several years and may make offers for new loans or credit cards after bankruptcy.

As much as you have dreaded the word “bankruptcy,” you may soon discover the relief that you feel after getting a fresh start through Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 reorganization. You may discover that life after bankruptcy offers you many opportunities that you would never have encountered on your own when attempting to repay unmanageable debt.

Our Lewisville Bankruptcy Lawyer Wants to Help You Financially Rebuild with a Fresh Start

Learn how to restore your credit and rebuild your financial future after filing bankruptcy. Call (972) 315-6222 or click to arrange for a free initial consultation to discuss your bankruptcy questions about related topics, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA). Talk to one of our attorneys in Lewisville who knows how to think outside the box. We assist residents across the north Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with successful results for clients in nearby Arlington, Flower Mound, Denton, Fort Worth, and Dallas, TX.

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