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Considering Bankruptcy?
Our Lewisville Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Explain Your Options

Fed up with rude bill collectors? Not sure how to find your way out of debt? Falling further behind each month? Experience peace of mind and have a fresh financial start. Attorney David Shuster is an experienced Lewisville bankruptcy lawyer who can guide you through the bankruptcy qualifications and process to help you move forward. Contact our Texas bankruptcy lawyer at (972) 315-6222 for a free consultation.

Lewisville Bankruptcy Lawyers Committed to Helping You Get a Fresh Start



Shuster Law PLLC, is a Denton County law firm whose lawyers are energetic, informed and compassionate towards our clients’ needs and worries. We have years of experience helping our clients in and around Dallas-Fort Worth get a fresh start and discharge their debts through bankruptcy.

At our firm, we get to know you and your situation instead of just assigning you a case number. We show our commitment to our clients by:

  • Promptly returning your phone calls and e-mails,
  • Clearly answering your questions and
  • Aggressively representing your interests in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding.

Bankruptcy Attorney David Shuster, our Lewisville bankruptcy attorney, has a background in economics. During a free consultation, he can examine your financial situation and let you know if bankruptcy is the best solution for you. An alternative to bankruptcy, such as debt settlement or loan modifications, might be your best option. If that is the case, he can work with you throughout the entire process, from filing the paperwork to the final meeting with your creditors.


Overwhelmed? We Want to Help You Understand All of Your Debt Relief Options

Shuster Law PLLC is not a large, impersonal Dallas law firm where clients are shuffled through the process as case numbers. We treat each client as a unique individual with specific worries, and we take the time to answer all your questions and explore all options.

In our experience, bankruptcy can have many advantages over other debt relief options. Learn more about what our Lewisville bankruptcy attorney can help you with on the following pages of our website:

Learn How to End the Debt Cycle by Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Qualifying for a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy is easier than most people think. If you qualify based on the bankruptcy means test calculator that looks at your income, deductions, expenses, and other financial data, then Bankruptcy Attorney David Shuster will help you move forward quickly through the bankruptcy proceedings.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Walk You Through Restructuring a Fresh Start with Chapter 13

If you are being sued by a creditor, Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy may be the right solution. It will protect you from creditors, allow you to keep your home and personal property, and give you the chance to repay your debts.

Is Your Company Struggling to Stay Above Water? We Can Discuss Your Best Business Bankruptcy Options

Are you a business owner facing overwhelming debt? Do you need legal help that can help you take control over your business debts or effectively close the doors to your company? Our Lewisville business bankruptcy attorneys can help determine what the best financial options for your large or small business may be, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize and get a better handle on business debts or Chapter 7 to liquidate your business assets and cut losses. Our business dissolution lawyer can also guide companies through dissolving businesses as an alternative to business bankruptcy.

Contact the Bankruptcy Law Firm of Shuster Law PLLC in Denton County TX Today

Texas bankruptcy laws were established to provide relief to people who are unable to keep up with mounting debt. If you are reading this, then you may feel like you are at the “end of your rope” with your finances. We want you to know that you still have options.

Call us at (972) 315-6222 for a free case evaluation. Start sleeping better tonight knowing that a fresh start may be possible.