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In Debt in Flower Mound, TX? Do Not Panic!

Shuster Law PLLC Can Assist with YOUR Debt Problems.

Flower Mound, TX is considered one of the best suburbs of Dallas in which to live, with great residential properties, schools, and a neighborhood feel.  The crime rate is also relatively low. 


This does not mean, however, that residents do not find themselves in debt, as living in a great place or running a business there can mean lots of purchases to be made, and sometimes high mortgages on all properties.

It is easy to get in over your head in debt without even realizing it.  Sometimes it is simple unsecured debt such as credit cards.  Or it can be problems paying a hefty mortgage.  Illnesses that are unexpected, or job losses occur that cannot be prevented but your bills in Flower Mound remain.  Many individuals make the mistake of trying to solve this problem by racking up credit card debt to pay off debts they already have.  Bankruptcy scares the proud residents of Flower Mound, and sometimes debt settlement is a better solution.

Shuster Law PLLC Stands Ready to Help with Debt!

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be considered if the debt is not extreme but too high for debt settlement, or with unusual circumstances.  Chapter 11 can be considered if litigation is already ongoing but is usually limited to businesses.  

However, Shuster Law PLLC focuses on the simplest solution first, and debt settlement is discussed first and foremost.  

Debt settlement through an attorney can get the creditors to stop calling and harassing you or mailing you threats of legal action.  Once creditors are notified that you have retained an attorney all communications must go through the attorney, relieving you of the nightmare of credit collection agencies calling or writing.  Working with your creditors, it is possible for Shuster Law PLLC to many times settle for pennies on the dollar, saving you money and heartache.

There Are Things You Do Not Want to Do!

  1. Transfer your credit card or other unsecured debt to another credit card, with what will be called an “introductory” offer of ZERO percent APR. The “introductory” APR quickly evaporates after a few months to a much higher APR, which is more difficult to pay.  If you miss the timeframe at which the “switch” occurs you can end up paying the higher APR on ALL the unsecured debt, even that which was paid during the initial introductory period.  This is called “cancellation of the reduced rate.” Although usually perfectly legal, it is a trap for many, as the higher rate is paid on the entire amount then even during the reduced rate period if even one payment is late.  The TOS on these types of offers must be read carefully and you must pay attention to all your charges and ensure you pay early on each payment during the introductory period. 

  2. Consolidation loans.  These are problematic too.  Yes, you get a loan which allows you to pay off all your debts, but let us face it, there will usually be a high APR also attached to this.  There are generally fees attached and a longer period of repayment, so you are simply swapping one problem for another.

Debt Settlement in Flower Mound “Near Me” Exists!

By contacting a seasoned debt settlement attorney like Shuster Law PLLC you can avoid the pitfalls of a DIY approach to handling your debt problems.  In person or virtual person is available with the attorneys and staff at Shuster Law PLLC in Flower Mound, TX, and the advice you receive during the first free consultation will be priceless.  An attorney that steps in that has the experience and knowledge to properly negotiate with your creditors is well worth the legal fees as the relief from harassment and the money saved eventually is the main reason an attorney should be called if you feel you are slipping into a debt trap slowly but surely.

Shuster Law PLLC

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

David Shuster is a native Texan, born and raised in Arlington, studied Economics at UNT, then law in Fort Worth at Texas A & M University School of Law, and has been a member in good standing with State Bar of Texas since November of 2002.

Do Not Let One More Day Go By, With Debt Misery!

David Shuster, and his trusted staff at the Flower Mound location can advise you properly about whether to seek debt settlement or explain bankruptcy options if your debt is too severe or in litigation.  Do not try to go this alone, as all consultations are completely confidential and free.  
We are compassionate, caring, and will work as hard for you as if the debt were our own! 

We are not the largest legal debt settlement and bankruptcy attorneys, but we treat all our clients with empathy and respect.  You are never just a “number” to us!

Contact us online or call (972) 315-6222 to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your financial circumstances! We return all phone calls and emails promptly! 

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for debt relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Keep but entire statement that is on homepage.


Find out if chapter 7 or chapter 13 is your best option to return to financial stability

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Robin McElvain
Robin McElvain
I very much appreciated the guidance and patience that was given to me. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Wes Davidson
Wes Davidson
At a difficult time in my life Shuster Law was very helpful and encouraging. They managed my case from beginning to end with skill and knowledge that allowed me some peace of mind that I had missed for years.
Deloris Walter
Deloris Walter
Thank you to all of the staff for your professionalism, courtesy, Knowledge, consistency & for loving what you do!! You all made it very easy for me at a very difficult & emotional time . You all walked me thru the process step by step!!! Sincere thanks, D Walter
Stacy Workman
Stacy Workman
David and Monique took care of our bankruptcy issue. That is the essence of what we needed so we are very pleased with their services.
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Harley Davidsoa
Super service and communication

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