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Shuster Law PLLC Understands Personal Injury in Denton, TX!

Accidents, especially automobile accidents occur without warning, and many times inflict much physical and emotional harm on the victim and their families.  Experience is needed in handling these cases so that all damages are mitigated in full, and since 2005, Denton Personal Injury Attorney David Shuster has practiced personal injury civil law.  Shuster Law PLLC has a successful track record of winning personal injury cases and each client is more than just a number to Denton Personal Injury Attorney David Shuster.  He takes each case as personally as if it were his own!

Denton, TX, is a Very Populous Area of the State.

It is the county seat of Denton County.  It is most known for its music life, state fair, and of course rodeo.  With over 140,000 residents, and an Arts and Jazz Festival each year, the city can swell not just with over 300,000 residents and visitors during any festival, but of course, the traffic increases tremendously, leading to more accidents and injuries during these periods.  Denton is also located at the far north end of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and commuter traffic is always present.  And let us not forget that during rodeo season there is a dearth of horse trailers.

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A Car Accident or Other Type of Injury Creates Medical Bills.

Shuster Law PLLC specializes in all types of accidents and injuries.

These include: 

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Broken bones 

Some types of car accidents are more common than others and to be frank, more impactful on overall life afterwards. Trucking accidents show the most serious types of injuries as trucks outweigh passenger vehicles by a great deal. Depending on the truck classification, a typical freight truck can weigh anywhere from 21,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs.

Rodeo Festivals Can Result in Broken Bones and Brain Injuries.

These types of injuries during certain types of rodeo competitions account for approximately 34 injuries during certain types of competitions such as bareback riding and bull riding.  Many competitors can suffer because of lack of sufficient safety measures taken by the competition host and can cause serious disability.

Loss of Wages for any Rodeo Competitor May Occur.

This causes severe financial difficulties, as the competitions are not employment and most individuals in these competitions are employed elsewhere.  Insurance may or may not cover these types of extracurricular activities, and negligence by a competition host, should be established in full by a law firm such as Shuster Law PLLC, with their office in Denton, as well as, offices in Lewisville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, and Arlington, TX.

Shuster Law PLLC can Assist in Obtaining the Utmost Compensation.

Negligence can be difficult to prove for anyone injured in all types of sporting events.  Whose fault any injury is can be left up to interpretation.  Only a seasoned attorney who has a specific background in investigating and litigating negligence successfully such as Denton Personal Injury Attorney David Shuster should be called as soon as an injury occurred.  A timetable of events must be established in all negligence cases where injury has occurred.

Negligence is a Part of Tort Law and Involves a Standard of Care.

Whether in an automobile accident, an accident, or in an extracurricular sporting event on your own personal time, if you are injured because of negligence, you should never try to brush it off, or put off contacting Denton Personal Injury Attorney David Shuster.  As with all other cases of civil litigation, time is of the essence as there is a statute of limitations to prove negligence also.

As With All Civil Litigation, Insurance Attorneys Will Be Defendants.

They come to the “table” armed to win and you must also if you are the victim of any accident or injury especially if it includes negligence of some sort.  Shuster Law PLLC will also enter the arena with you and seek to recover compensatory damages, not only for the current injuries but for future injuries and emotional trauma that may occur in the years to come.  Injuries that are not noticeable can surface years after the initial injuries are discovered and Shuster Law PLLC will take this into consideration.

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David Shuster is a native Texan, born and raised in Arlington, studied Economics at UNT, then law in Fort Worth at Texas A & M University School of Law, and has been a member in good standing with State Bar of Texas since November of 2002.

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