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Being in Debt in Arlington, TX is a Trying Time!

Living in Arlington, TX might make it difficult for you to find an attorney near you that can assist. 

The Shuster Law PLLC is located in Arlington, TX that deals with debt issues, whether through consolidation or debt settlement arrangements with creditors or through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. 

Yes, sometimes Bankruptcy is a better option than trying to pay off debts, or struggling with arbitration with creditors, or worse yet, increasing the debt by using another loan to pay off existing debt.  Most Debt Consolidation Services that are available can make the problem worse as although payments are lower, there are fees, and you end up paying for a longer period.  

An attorney that specializes in debt issues such as Shuster Law PLLC can help you decide which path to follow in alleviating debt problems.  

In some cases,  private student loans are dischargeable in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Student loans can also be deferred for up to 5 years using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is what is used for businesses generally or even individuals who have wracked up so much business debt, that they are being sued by creditors.  This happens generally after all notices and attempts by creditors have failed to produce results.  Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is an option that Shuster Law PLLC offers to businesses to restructure, reduce, and even wipe out their business debts.    

Do an Internet search for a “bankruptcy attorney near me in Arlington, TX”, and you will see we have a location to serve you. 

Click on the contact us link or call our office at 972-315-6222 for your free in-person or virtual consultation with an Arlington Bankruptcy/ Debt Consolidation attorney. 

Shuster Law Firm

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

David Shuster is a native Texan, born and raised in Arlington, studied Economics at UNT, then law in Fort Worth at Texas A & M University School of Law, and has been a member in good standing with State Bar of Texas since November of 2002.

Our Civil Debt and Bankruptcy Services are Affordable for Arlington Residents with Mortgage Arrears.

The CARES ACT mortgage forbearance program has ended leaving Arlington homeowners exposed to foreclosure if they are unable to cure their mortgage arrears. We can help cure your mortgage arrears by assisting you with a home loan modification or restructuring your debt in bankruptcy. 

Arlington Attorney David Shuster has saved hundreds of homes from foreclosure through Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arlington and the surrounding areas.   In addition, there is a new program overseen by the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and the Chapter 13 Trustees.  This new program ensures that your mortgage lender allows you to file a loan modification while you are under protection of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Whether student loan debt, credit card debt, or even missed mortgage and car payments, Attorney David Shuster can help you if you reside in Arlington and surrounding cities.

Paying off debt or too high payments on all bills can lead to significant impairment of your ability to save for the future. Do not be one of the individuals who go through life without a “nest egg” by paying off too much debt at high rates, without being able to save a dime. 

Discuss your options with us at our Arlington, TX location and allow us to start you on the path to financial stability!  Call us now. 


Find out if chapter 7 or chapter 13 is your best option to return to financial stability

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Robin McElvain
Robin McElvain
I very much appreciated the guidance and patience that was given to me. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Wes Davidson
Wes Davidson
At a difficult time in my life Shuster Law was very helpful and encouraging. They managed my case from beginning to end with skill and knowledge that allowed me some peace of mind that I had missed for years.
Deloris Walter
Deloris Walter
Thank you to all of the staff for your professionalism, courtesy, Knowledge, consistency & for loving what you do!! You all made it very easy for me at a very difficult & emotional time . You all walked me thru the process step by step!!! Sincere thanks, D Walter
Stacy Workman
Stacy Workman
David and Monique took care of our bankruptcy issue. That is the essence of what we needed so we are very pleased with their services.
Harley Davidsoa
Harley Davidsoa
Super service and communication

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