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Lewisville Attorney, TX is our primary office location.  Attorney David Shuster and his staff can now provide bankruptcy, debt settlement, and personal injury services via locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, and Flower Mound.  In addition, he offers his legal services virtually for clients who may be concerned for face-to-face meetings, or their schedule does not permit enough time to visit the office. Lewisville Attorney

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Most individuals will call the first attorney they find either online or through other advertising methods, and many give little thought to the experience and qualifications needed to ensure the legal matter will have a good outcome.  Lewisville Attorney

It is common for everyone to encounter legal obstacles and civil issues, including bankruptcy, debt collection, and personal injury matters.  These civil issues often involve litigation and require a specific type of experience and knowledge.  David Shuster is a very experienced Lewisville Attorney with a broad legal background.  Mr. Shuster specializes in assisting those who seek practical, concise, and skillful solutions to overcoming legal obstacles.

Shuster Law, PLLC serves several cities around the DFW area including Flower Mound, Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Denton and has made its mission to alleviate stress and undue worry due to debt related issues such as bankruptcy, along with other types of civil litigation such as personal injury, credit card collections law, family law, and other types of civil law issues that plague individuals in Texas.  Lewisville Attorney

When a case is filed, most legal matters have stages such as scheduling, discovery, mediation, pre-trial, and trial.  First, dates and deadlines are scheduled.  In bankruptcy and civil cases, such as personal injury and debt collection defense, the court system or individual judge will generate the docket for the legal matter.  Cases are given hearing dates and deadlines, usually generated when the petition is filed.  A Justice of Peace, County Court at Law, or District Court will have deadlines, which often start with when one receives a court summons served by a licensed process server.  Lawsuits are usually served at the residential address of the person being sued or if a company sued, then the registered agent’s address.  Depending on the location of the court, the case may progress quickly or take longer.  The timing of the docket may affect decisions about whether a case should settle or go to trial. State Court includes all County and District Courts, such as Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, and Denton and all Justice of the Peace.  In a Justice of the Peace court, proper venue is usually the Justice court covering the specific geographical area of the county where the defendant resides.  

Bankruptcy cases are in the federal court system, and for the Dallas-Fort-Worth Area, that means the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas (Dallas and Fort Worth divisions) and for the Eastern District of Texas (located in Plano, TX).  Chapter 7 Bankruptcies can be discharged (meaning your debts are wiped out) quickly. As soon as 90 days after the case is filed.

There are many different stages to legal matters, even before a petition is filed in the court and assigned a case number, and often matters, including personal injury and debt collection, are settled prior to filing a case with the court.  Solving a client’s legal problem in the prelitigation stage can save legal fees and result in better settlements.  Every client brings his or her unique set of circumstances, and Shuster Law will suggest which tools in the legal toolchest to apply to provide the best outcome and permit clients to move forward and quickly see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Most lawsuits do not go to trial and are settled with negotiations. In fact, most attorneys on both sides of a civil lawsuit (plaintiff or defendant), strive to achieve a fair and equitable settlement through negotiation before a final judgment is entered.  It is less stressful to negotiate than to go through a civil trial.  It is more efficient to get rid of a lawsuit by reaching a settlement directly between attorneys negotiating.  Often it can take more than a year to reach a final trial in a civil lawsuit.  If the facts of the case are not in dispute, an effective attorney will save the client time and money by negotiating the amount of money a plaintiff is trying to recover to an amount his or her client can live with.  

Courts are used whether a case is contested or uncontested.  Contested cases are simply those that go to trial to allow a judge or jury to consider admissible evidence and make a ruling.  Uncontested are those more likely to settle quickly through negotiations.  Either way, a court must finalize a judgment, whether it is an agreed judgment, dismissal, or a judgment containing the court’s ruling.  

David Shuster has been practicing law for over 20 years as an attorney.  Shuster Law Firm has knowledge and experience in civil litigation to bring relief to their clients in an efficient matter with attention to how much it will cost the client.  Lawsuits are common as a final step in a creditor’s attempt to collect on a debt.  Litigation issues arise from credit card collections, bankruptcy filings, personal injury, or family law issues.  Even if a lawsuit is already filed by a credit card, loan, or bank, it is not too late to mitigate the damages to your credit and save money if you choose the right attorney to represent you immediately! 

Many cases can be litigated for a flat fee, and most initial consultations are free.  Civil lawsuits handled by Shuster Law Firm are by lead attorney David Shuster with his experienced and friendly staff.

Calling Attorney David Shuster at (972) 315-6222 for more information about your legal rights about a case filed against you in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin or Denton County, Texas will give you quick, insightful information about the most effective way to improve your situation and improve the outlook on your future.  While many cases are similar, clients and their needs are not the same.  Take the time to find the best attorney for your specific case and your specific needs.  Please review our testimonials from our other satisfied clients.  Shuster Law Firm is ready to assist in an efficient and thorough manner.  Live stress free again knowing that your civil issue is in the knowledgeable hands of David Shuster.  

Do not hesitate.  All phone calls are confidential and answered as soon as possible. 

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David is a member of the Bankruptcy Section of the Tarrant County Bar Association