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Tips for Improving Your Credit After a Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has many great benefits, including the ability to discharge credit card debt, medical bills or other forms of debt that you may be unable to pay. Additionally, through a bankruptcy filing, an automatic stay goes into effect, meaning your creditors, including bill collectors, can no longer call and harass you. Photo of calculator and bills

However, one of the drawbacks to filing for bankruptcy is that it will have an impact on your credit score. Although this can be an inconvenience, a bankruptcy filing does not stay on your credit report forever and its benefits often outweigh the consequences. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years, while Chapter 13 bankruptcy will remain for only seven years. For many people, the benefits of waiting these periods out far outweigh the penalties.

If you have questions about how a bankruptcy will influence your credit score, talk to our Lewisville bankruptcy lawyers. We can provide you with answers to specific questions you may have. Some of the tips we offer to people following a bankruptcy to improve their credit include:

  • Build a savings account (put away a couple of months’ worth of money so that you can have cash in case an emergency comes up and you cannot obtain a loan)
  • Monitor your reports thoroughly and make sure positive information is added such as payments to credit lines
  • Consider obtaining a secure credit card (a card that requires cash a collateral deposit)
  • Make sure all of your credit lines are paid on time, while avoiding using most of your available credit

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