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Personal Injury

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Lewisville TX personal injury attorney for accident lawsuits. The Lewisville TX personal injury attorney team at Shuster Law, PLLC serve individuals who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of others. Whether you or a loved one has suffered, we can help you file a personal injury lawsuit to hold the other party accountable.

Being injured can cause you to lose wages and incur many types of bills. At our personal injury law firm, we understand your situation and want to help. We represent clients facing many personal injury issues, including:

Personal Injury Lawyer around Dallas-Fort Worth

No matter what injuries you suffer or what type of accident you have been involved in, our Lewisville personal injury lawyers may be able to assist you in your financial recovery. As former police officers, it was our job to know the law in and out; we use this experience when representing those involved in accidents in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, and all-around Tarrant, Collin, Dallas and Denton County.

Lewisville TX Lawyer on Types of Personal Injury Compensation

You never plan for accidents and injuries to happen, but recovering from the accident is not the only issue you must deal with after a crash. In addition to the physical pain crashes cause, accident victims may also face emotional stress, lost work, family issues, and repairing damages to property. Gaining compensatory damages can allow victims to begin piecing their lives back together after a serious personal injury. Some claims may also be entitled to punitive damages, which aim to punish and deter future egregious behavior.

In personal injury cases, victims may seek compensatory damages from the responsible party, those who contributed to the accident, or their insurance providers for the following damages:

Medical Bills:
Medical treatment after an accident can be extensive and expensive. Personal injury compensation allows victims to gain the costs needed to recover physically.

Lost Wages:

After a severe injury, it may be impossible to return to work or temporarily. This can be especially difficult if you or a loved one provided your family’s main source of income. Injury compensation can cover your lost future wages, or “potential income,” if you will require long-term treatment or sustain a disability.

Emotional Trauma:

The persistent emotional trauma from serious accidents can be devastating. Accident compensation may attempt to cover the emotional trauma the crash caused you and your family.

Pain and Suffering:
Injury compensation may be available to cover the physical pain and discomfort associated with a serious accident injury.

Property Damages:

Most personal injuries, such as car accidents or bicycle accidents, cause a loss or damage to property. You may be reimbursed for property damages.

Loss of Consortium and Loss of Enjoyment:
Under some circumstances, personal injury damages can be recovered for the loss of enjoyment of day-to-day activities or family relationships caused by the injuries.

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury at no fault their own, contact a Lewisville TX personal injury attorney to make sure you are rightly compensated.

In many personal injury cases, large insurance companies will try to limit the damages victims deserve. The personal injury law firm of Shuster Law, PLLC works one-on-one with every client to cater to their financial situation. After a car accident or truck wreck, you should be worried about recovering, not about paying your medical bills. Allow us to help you with the legal aspects of your claim.

Is There a Time Limit to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Texas?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is a time-sensitive matter. The more time you let pass between the accident and seeking legal help, the less evidence there may be on which to base your personal injury claim.

Texas law gives you two years after the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you would like to gain accident compensation for your injuries and damages, it is best to contact an attorney near you as soon as possible.

What Can Affect the Value of Personal Injury Damages?

In some Texas personal injury cases, an insurance company may try to name the victim partially responsible for the accident or injury in an attempt to pay less. The victim’s “comparative negligence,” or the level to which they were also at fault, can play a role in how much compensatory damages victims receive. A failure to seek medical treatment immediately after an accident, thereby making injuries worse, can also lead to reduced damages.

Your actions after an accident matter. If you have questions regarding what to do after an accident in McKinney, Carrollton or any cities in North Texas, do not hesitate to contact a Lewisville TX personal injury attorney at our law firm today by calling (972) 315-6222 for a free consultation.
Lewisville Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for the Damages You Deserve

Each client that comes to us has a unique case that requires close attention to detail. We emphasize personal care and customer service. If you have questions, we will get you the answers. Contact a Lewisville TX personal injury attorney at Shuster Law, PLLC to set up your free consultation if you were hurt in an accident, or a family member has suffered serious or fatal accident injuries.