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Creditor Lawsuits

Being Sued by a Creditor Lawsuits?

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Top Lewisville bankruptcy lawyer handling creditor lawsuits and collection agency harassment for Frisco, McKinney, Plano and North Texas residents with debt issuesIf you have unpaid debt, especially credit card debt, a debt collector may file a lawsuit against you to try to force you to pay. The debt collector is sometimes the credit card company but is more often a third-party debt collection company that purchases debts from the original lenders. If you are facing a lawsuit from a creditor, contact a Lewisville bankruptcy lawyer online to review the facts of your case before you take the demands of the lawsuit at face value. It may be that the statute of limitations has already expired for collection on that debt, and the original terms do not apply but you would have no way of knowing.

At Shuster Law Firm PLLC in Lewisville, Texas, we know the rules and are familiar with the actions commonly taken by debt collectors seeking repayment. We can help you deal with debt collectors, and can even represent you in the courtroom. With a lawyer on your side, you may be able to come to a debt settlement agreement with your creditors to get rid of your debt for good.

What Should I Do If I am Sued by a Creditor Lawsuits in Texas?

The worst possible thing you can do when contacted by a creditor is ignore the lawsuit. As soon as you receive notice that you are being sued by a Creditor Lawsuits, it is vital that you contact a bankruptcy attorney who can respond to the Creditor Lawsuits on your behalf.

You may want to ignore the Creditor Lawsuits and hope it will go away, but that is exactly what the collection agency wants you to do. If you fail to appear in court, they will win the case by default and then you will have much bigger problems to deal with, like garnishments from your bank account or property repossession.

Fear is a calculated tactic of some debt collection agencies, which are often run by lawyers. They will try to frighten you into accepting their terms, when in reality they may not even have a legal case against you.

How to Fight a Debt Collection Creditor Lawsuits

We are ready to implement proven legal strategies in your defense. Often, collection agencies will not have the proper paperwork or proof they need to support their case. The statute of limitations may have run out on your debt or they may have gotten insufficient documentation when they bought your loan from the original Creditor Lawsuits, which happens frequently. For example, we may demand that your creditor produce your signature on the original debt agreement. Chances are, they may be unable to do so. If your lawyer can help you prove the collection agency has no grounds to sue you, the case will be dismissed.

Once you are represented by an attorney, your debt collectors will most likely behave differently, and your chances of achieving a satisfactory debt settlement agreement are greatly improved. Past clients of ours have settled debts totaling more than $20,000 for as little as $3,000. The Creditor Lawsuits cannot sue you again for payment of the same debt after you obtain a satisfactory debt settlement agreement regarding a past-due credit card account or other form of debt involved in the lawsuit.

Let a Lewisville Bankruptcy Lawyer Evaluate Your Case Free of Charge

Do not despair if you have been sued by a credit card company. Whether you decide to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, negotiate a debt settlement, or dispute the debt altogether, the Lewisville lawyers of Shuster Law Firm PLLC are ready to aggressively defend you, protect your rights and pursue a satisfactory outcome.

We have helped many clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex who were the target of creditor lawsuits involving general unsecured loans or for deficiencies on auto loans after the collateral had been repossessed and sold.

If you are concerned about a lawsuit against you for an overdue debt, take action to defend yourself and prevent garnishment of your bank account or seizure of property. We can explain how you can protect yourself and your assets in a credit card lawsuit. Our firm has successfully helped clients in Arlington, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Denton, Dallas, and are currently accepting new creditor lawsuit cases from residents of North Texas. Contact a Lewisville bankruptcy lawyer online or call our office at (972) 315-6222 to schedule a free, face-to-face, or virtual initial consultation.

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