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Accidents and Injuries Occur Even in Idyllic Fort Worth, TX!

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is increasing its residential capacity by more than 250 new residents per day.  This is a much higher number than any other United States metropolitan area.  Education systems are exceptional, real estate exquisite, great entertainment, and from what others that have moved to Fort Worth attest some of the friendliest individuals on the planet.  This can have a downside however, as the more residents that live in a location, the more automobile accidents and other types of injuries that occur.

Shuster Law PLLC Represents Accident and Personal Injury Cases in Fort Worth.

Especially during the music festival season and other festivals that occur in Fort Worth, there is an increase in tragic accidents.  Serious loss of income or a job may occur due to broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even emotional injuries.  DWI (Driving While Influenced) can be a factor in the accidents and injuries that occur as Fort Worth has a density of great nightlife experiences, whether restaurants or pubs.  Unfortunately, this can lead to individuals on the crowded roadways at night, that should not be behind the wheel of a car.

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In Personal Injury “Loss of Consortium” Must be Factored into any Settlement.

Unfortunately, not only Fort Worth but all of Texas leads in the number of actual DWI fatalities across the United States according to the NHTSC (National Highway Traffic Safety Commission).  Loss of Consortium means the loss of companionship, shared financial responsibility and other factors of everyday life when unfortunately, a fatality in an auto accident occurs.  This is a part of any settlement that cannot be overlooked.  However, insurance companies in any civil litigation know they are facing a huge loss and will fight like crazy for the defendant who has committed the DWI.

Criminal Charges Might Also Occur Prior to Civil Litigation.

A defendant accused of DWI is under a lot of pressure as is the attorney representing them.  Despite a tragic loss on the part of the plaintiff, or the plaintiff’s family members, if a fatality occurs, an insurance company will try and mitigate the damages however they can and will generally come forward with an initial settlement figure.  This will not generally cover the amount due to the pain and loss that is incurred and a skilled attorney like Personal Injury Attorney David Shuster with years of Personal Injury and Civil Litigation arbitration under his belt is needed by you, the plaintiff, or your family. 

Medical Bills and Lost Wages, Plus Loss of Property Occur in Serious Accidents.

These factors also come into play and Shuster Law PLLC takes everything into account.  They take their devotion to you and your case very seriously.  With the amounts of accidents and injuries in Fort Worth, TX finding a personal injury attorney “near me” is not impossible now, and with Shuster Law it is also affordable.  Do not forget also that personal injury can and does include injuries that occur at work and Fort Worth offers plenty of employment opportunities in the tourist industry, as well as rodeo industries.  Injuries at work do occur routinely and can be as incapacitating as a traffic injury.

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David Shuster is a native Texan, born and raised in Arlington, studied Economics at UNT, then law in Fort Worth at Texas A & M University School of Law, and has been a member in good standing with State Bar of Texas since November of 2002.

Time is of the Essence When Injured in the Fort Worth Area.

  1. There is a statute of limitations that exists, but also the advice of an attorney should be sought immediately so that you do not make mistakes after an accident or injury occurs.  Shuster Law PLLC offers remote access free initial consultations in Fort Worth and can advise whether an in-person consultation is needed with Attorney David Shuster.  Each moment does count! Do not let a tragedy ruin your life!

    Shuster Law PLLC does stand ready to service your needs ASAP and is a personalized type of law firm.  You are never just a number, to Shuster Law and David Shuster.  

    Call us today with any questions you might have concerning any accident or injury you might have experienced.  We stand ready to assist and will ensure your rights are kept intact and you are awarded the compensation you deserve.  

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