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Why Is Flint, MI Threatening Foreclosure on 8000 People?

Notice of ForeclosureIn an ongoing fight for clean water in Flint, MI that has lasted over three years, 8000 people now face foreclosure for not paying their water bills. People had been getting credits for their water bills from the city until earlier this year when it was found that the amount of lead in the water in Flint finally fell below toxic levels. However, people remain skeptical after years of tainted water and many poisonings.  Lead pipes that contributed to the toxic water may not be fixed until 2020. State law says that cities have the right to collect homes for unpaid bills. Could this same scenario happen in Texas? Recent reports have found high arsenic levels in 65 Texas communities. Keep reading to find out.

What if You Are Facing Foreclosure for Unpaid Bills in Texas?

In Texas, you will likely have your water shut off before a threat of foreclosure will come in. The utility company must give a written warning of the shutoff 10 days before the shutoff date unless there is evidence of service theft or potentially dangerous conditions that need handling immediately.

Try to renegotiate the debt: Under state law, utility companies cannot dismiss unpaid debts. However, there are repayment plans that would spread the amount owed over a longer period of time, making it easier for people to pay them. If you are in debt, renegotiation is often a strategy that lenders can work with.

The EPA enforces clean water rules across the United States. If you believe that your water may be unsafe, there are options for you. If negligence contributed to the pollution of the water, someone is accountable. Contact a Lewisville debt settlement attorney today for advice on an unpaid bills case.